Who are we?

We vow to be your friends in town, and our mission is to provide you with the most honest information and answers, so you can plan your vacation and have a wonderful time here.


Meet the Enjoy Miami Beach Team.


Miami Beach visitor tourist informationTamara

A happy, smiley resident of Miami Beach for 15 years, she’s also worked as a concierge at a boutique hotel in South Beach for almost eight years. What better place to learn and understand the needs and questions of visitors than there? Tamara is the responsible for most of the writing on this site as well as the photos and video.



Our webmaster and the one who started it all. Mark, the founder of Enjoy Miami Beach, has lived in Miami Beach all his life. It’s not a secret he’s a people’s person and many years ago, you’d see him rollerblading down Lincoln Rd giving maps and information to our visitors.