Car Rentals Miami Beach

So, you’re thinking of renting a car? Before we get to the list of recommended companies, here are a few things you should consider.

  1. Finding a place to park in South Beach can sometimes be difficult. There’s a lot of people and limited spots.(See a map of all the parking in the area)
  2. You always have to pay. Whether it’s street parking, open lots, or garages, it will cost you money. Also, many hotels don’t offer parking. Keep that in mind.
  3. Street and parking lots are metered. You’ll have to pay ahead of time and replenish them after a while (instructions on how to use the parking meters here)
  4. Parking garages are often the cheapest option and you pay once you take your car out.
  5. Parking overnight is usually free (hours will vary depending on the area)
  6. If you plan to drive outside of Miami Beach, you will most likely need a SunPass to pay for tolls.


Where to rent your car:

One affordable way to rent a car is to do it with a local company. These are smaller places, with offices in the area and limited number of vehicles. The pros: the prices are usually lower and they might even hook you up with a free upgrade or give you a discount on your GPS or SunPass. Also, many times they’ll offer to pick you up at your hotel to take you to their office, or they’ll bring the car to you. The cons: since these are smaller companies, you won’t be able to drop the car off at the airport (some times they’ll let you do that at an extra cost)

We recommend:

Miami Vice Sports Cars

To reserve call Monica (786) 716-5322 / (305) 302-9745

1343 Collins Ave – Miami Beach, FL 33139 (Clifton Hotel)


Larger car rental companies: