Lincoln Rd

This pedestrian road is magical. No matter what time of the day you visit, it has a unique experience to offer.



Go in the morning, around 10am, when most of its shops start to open and have it all for yourself. There won’t be many people there and the closeness to the beach will give the air that special something that will relax you and awaken your senses. Have breakfast at one of the restaurants and sit outside to people watch.

At noon or afternoon the street is probably the most energetic and you’ll see people shopping, walking around, meeting friends, eating or having coffee. It’s so vibrant it will be contagious.

In the evenings, the energy mellows out a bit but the magic remains. People don’t seem to want to go to bed, and for that reason most stores stay open until 10pm or after. You will most likely find street artists from living statues to Michael Jackson impersonators doing their thing.

You’ll love it.