How to get to Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL)

  1. Check with your hotel to find out if they have free transportation to FLL or if they offer the service at a reduced price.
  2. For one to three passengers, booking a shuttle (like Go Airport Shuttle) will probably be the most cost effective option (unless you have too many bags). The ride will be around $25
    Learn more about shuttle options here.
  3. For more than three passengers a Taxi could be your best choice. It allows you to go at any time you want (unlike the shuttles, which have more rigid schedules) and it will cost you around $90 for the ride.
    If you’re a group of up to five people or have many bags, you can even request a minivan taxi. Remember, the taxi fares are per ride, not per person. Here are some numbers of recommended local taxi companies.
  4. Public transportation is doable but requires taking two buses and the ride will be at least two hours long. The first bus that you need to take is the “S – Aventura.” You will get off at Aventura Mall and wait there for the bus “1- Central Terminal.” This bus will look different from the “S” because it belongs to a different county . Here’s more info on riding public transportation in Miami.