Coral Castle Museum

Another point of interest that might be out of reach if you’re not driving or if you don’t like long rides. The Coral Castle Museum is 1.5 hours away from South Beach. Translation, as much fun as it may be, if you don’t have other things to do near the castle, you might find it’s located much too far. Now, here’s a suggestion. The Florida Keys Outlet Marketplace and the Coral Castle are only 15 minutes apart. So, if you’re into shopping at discounted prices and also curious about this open air museum, this could work great after all!

So, what’s Coral Castle, anyways? Well, it is an almost entirely roofless environment made of limestone (formed from coral). We are talking about tables and chairs, a bathtub, a telescope, a 9 ton spinning gate and wonders of that sort. The most interesting detail about the Coral Castle is the mystery surrounding its construction. It’s said its owner and only builder was a 100lb, 5 feet tall man named Ed. How was he able to achieve such unthinkable task? Well, you might have to visit the castle to find some answers.

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